Aiur Bounty Program invites the crypto community to push for Open Science!

Reposted article — by Maria Ritola

At we often get questions about the technology behind Project Aiur. We love to talk about the fascinating advances in AI and blockchain and how we envision to apply them for building the Knowledge Validation Engine and an open, validated repository of scientific knowledge.

The technology framework is, undoubtedly, an important aspect of this endeavour to build a world where the right scientific knowledge is available at our fingertips.

But it’s not the core. As with all social systems, it’s about the people.

Since the day Project Aiur was born, we’ve been out on the streets talking to researchers, scientists, academics, students and science lovers. Airdrop Campaigns have been one of our ways to get the word spreading. We’ve organised Webinars and participated a number of conferences from Austin Texas to Dubai. We’ve had lengthy conversations with thousands of people with spot on questions.

Next up, we’re jumping onto a new territory by launching the Aiur Bounty Program. It’s an invitation for all willing to contribute to the mission of Project Aiur to help us get the word out and raise awareness regarding our community’s mission, especially among the crypto enthusiasts.

Aiur Bounty Program is a pre-ICO campaign where the community can earn rewards by completing various activities. We’ve designed simple tasks to extend our reach to different countries through translations and to get the word out via social media. 0.5% of the funds through the Aiur Token Sale will be distributed as rewards. The total pool, worth up to €250K, rewards each participant with up to 60 AIUR tokens. Based on our estimation of value contributed towards a successful token sale, AIUR bounty tokens will be allocated top-down to each campaign category as follows:

Signature Campaign (35% of bounty tokens)

The signature campaign invites active Bitcointalk Forum members to spread the word about Project Aiur by adding our official signatures to your profile. This campaign allows you to earn stakes every week!

Translation Campaign (10% of bounty tokens)

Translators of Bitcointalk Announcement & Bounty threads will have a chance to earn AIUR tokens, if the threads haven’t been translated into your language yet. To become an Aiur translator, you either need to have previous experience of successful ICO-translations or a Member-status on the Bitcointalk-forum.

Telegram Campaign (20% of bounty tokens)

You can support our mission and earn stakes by spreading the word in your Telegram channel or group about Project Aiur.

Facebook Campaign (15% of bounty tokens)

We will be posting all Aiur updates and blog post on our Facebook page. Every like counts, so be sure to join to get a part of our Facebook bounty.

Twitter Campaign (5% of bounty tokens)

Bounty participants can earn rewards by following @ProjectAiur on Twitter and quoting our pinned post.


15% of bounty tokens are reserved for participants who make a special effort to promote our Token Sale. These tokens will be assigned based on Project Aiur’s assessment.

See the details and instructions for participating the Aiur Bounty Program on Bitcointalk Forum.

If this is your call, we’d love to have you join us!


Check out the full whitepaper that explains all you need to know about Project Aiur.