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The New Age of Day-and-Date — Silicon Valley at SXSW — Preacher — Hotels Online vs Offline — Walk of Life

Gruvi Weekly Digest #21 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

Plenty of exciting news this week! Day and date release are about to become the new black- that is, if Sean Parker’s Screening Room initiative takes off as expected. In the ever growing universe of TV series, there’s plenty of news coming from SXSW both on returning series and on those who could become the latest binging sensations. We’re also taking a look at how offline and online experiences differ in the case of hotels. And lastly, we stumbled upon a fun music/film project- or, should be say, song/film project.

Ben, CEO

Sean Parker is on a mission to shatter piracy and release windows all at once. Screening Room is already gaining some serious clout, being backed by Hollywood royalty.

Matt, Operations Lead

Silicon Valley is one of my favourite shows on TV and I can’t wait for it to return next month. The show’s creators were at SXSW at the weekend and shared some great insights, including how difficult it is to keep the show realistic for ordinary viewers unaware of how crazy the actual Silicon Valley is right now. Alec Berg summed it up very nicely: “The world we’re depicting is fu#!ed up”

Johnny, Lead Developer

A decade in the making, a new series is soon going to be here, for us all to binge on and obsess about. As Eric Kohn puts it, “ ‘Preacher’ comes along at a seminal moment for genre television, when ‘The Walking Dead’ and its ilk has proven the viability of sci-fi, horror and supernatural narratives beyond niche audiences.”

Franco, Digital Designer

Granyon made a study on the customer experience of booking hotels. The study shows there is a great disconnect between the online and offline experience of almost any hotel.

Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter

If you grew up with a Dire Straits fan for a dad (and even if you haven’t) this is bound to be mightily entertaining!

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