I am not here to conform

By Moe Isaac

I am here but for a time, so it is essential that I not waste any of it. It has become clear however, that I am not here to conform. I am here to continue the eternal search for higher truth. Truths higher and much more vast and complex than man’s limited and referential interpretation of the Most High.

Everyone has come into contact with it; that pure, raw, undeniable feeling of being in the presence of pure Love, Joy, Understanding, and Recognition. Words don’t quite do It justice. It is a feeling, a knowing, a remembrance. It demands to be expressed, to be shared, to be screamed about from the mountaintop. All these things It demands, through us…through me and you. We have all been blessed with the opportunity to express this Presence, the Most High, God, Allah, Krishna, Jesus, the Buddha state of Nirvana, all in our unique ways, through our individual filters. This is a wonderful reality…until it’s not.

We live in a world, in fact a universe, of diversity. Diversity is, essentially, different expressions of the same source. The expression of a rainbow is such that, one source of light, depending on a variety of factors, is expressed in multiple colors. We can look at a rainbow and know for sure that the Sun is the source of every color. In this same fashion we can look at the people of the world and know for sure that God is the source of all religions. But we fight…about which religion is the most pure, the most accurate. We defend our personal filter of God, tooth and nail, many times throughout the history of mankind to the point of genocide and the destruction of entire nations. But what exactly are we defending?

Are we defending our own thoughts, our own experiences of God? Or, are we defending the God that was forced upon us through our cultural and geographic filter? Are we willing to admit that every scripture, every verbal interpretation is expressed through the filter of someone else’s experience of God? This is indeed a difficult concept to accept, but the undeniable truth is this: when God is expressed through man, the particular filter of that individual (his or her life experiences), has an effect on the Divine message. They are, at best, interpretations of an eternal, changeless reality at a specific point in our human history. Moses conveyed the Torah for his people in his time, Jesus delivered the Gospel for his people in his time, Muhammad with the Qu’ran for his people in his time, Bahá’u’lláh with Hidden Words for his people in his time…and the list goes on. What is your Divine message for your people in your time?

How do we find that common ground as we look to the future? I have seen and experienced the Divine in many ways, in many cultures, and I can honestly say that I recognize the same Source in them all. How It is expressed has always, and always will be, up to you and me. But how do we know whether it’s coming from God, or if it’s something we’re just making up on the physical plane? Simple: any expression of pure Love, non-judgment, acceptance, and selflessness is the highest expression of God, the highest expression of any religion. Simple, but not easy. But if we can consistently express the highest vision of God in this world, which is also the highest vision of ourselves, then we will see conformity for what it is: a hindrance to growth. It has become clear however, that I am not here to conform.