One of the legendary PG closing parties.

How To Break Project Getaway Down Into Numbers

Just as we´ve launched this year´s Project Getaway Bali, we take some time to look back what happend last October.

Here comes our attempt to capture the PG magic in a list. We had:

  • 31 days on Bali + one extra week in the Gili Islands
  • 21 PG talks (with topics as interesting as “Scale, Automate and Monetize”,”The Art of the Talk”, “Money Mindset and Goal Setting”, “Learning from Failure”, “MVP”, “Budget Friendly Marketing Techniques”, “Storytelling for Business Goals”, , etc)
  • 23 super awesome Chief Officers, running around every day and putting together cool stuff for everyone, from food, workouts and music to water sports, movie nights and learning.
  • 5 parties (pool parties, Halloween, barbecue with PG alumni, we had ’em all)
  • 4 Shark Tank sessions, where business ideas were grilled, polished, questioned and came out better and stronger!
  • 27 business and personal coaching sessions
  • 2 collaboration sessions, where we sat down and shared with each other business tools and books that changed our lives and made our businesses better
  • 3 external speakers (John Williams, Lydia Lee, Isrina Asmi)
  • 1 salsa night (the Chief Dance Officer made sure our hips didn’t lie!)
  • 1 trip around Bali, including the gorgeous, UNESCO protected Tegalalang rice terraces and the ancient temple Tanah Lot
  • 1 Startup Grind event, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs
  • 1 visit to the amazing Green School
  • 1 trip to Nusa Lembongan, where we sat inside rainbows (yeah!), laid on the picture perfect Dream Beach, got our spa treatments of choice and swung in swings with perfect ocean views
  • 2 investor visits
  • 24 buzz sessions with Livit specialists
  • 4 movie nights
  • 64 massages (life is hard!)
  • 1 Balinese cultural evening (our taste buds were HAPPY!)
  • 1 day of white water rafting on Telaga Waja river
  • 1 super early-morning yet absolutely gorgeous Batur volcano sunrise climb
  • about a dozen “woo-woo” sessions (acupuncture, meditation and healing)
  • 1 full morning of PG Olympics, when we competed in sports as various as tag, chess, whale riding (!) and were rewarded with French pastry

as well as…

  • countless: life changing conversations, jaw dropping sunsets, free diving and other shenanigans in the pool (most of them involving Willemina, our beloved inflatable whale), sugar-cubes, surf and beach days, pre-ordered or spontaneous hugs.

We’ve gained friends for life, we’ve found new business partners and ideas for future ventures, we had tons of fun, we took a leap forward both personally and business-wise!

Enjoying just another beautiful sunset in Bali.

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