All good ideas are copies

Photo by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash

A good idea can come from anywhere. The key to finding a good idea is seeing; it’s curiosity, it’s discovery and it’s humility.

A lot of times when people talk about innovation they think it has to be new:

Innovation (From Merriam-Webster):
1:the introduction of something new
2:a new idea, method, or device

However, following this definition immediately puts a constraint on your thinking. The unspoken truth about innovation or good ideas for that matter is that no idea is original. See, there is a humility to innovation. It’s about being humble enough to understand that you standing on the shoulder giants, and building on the foundation laid by others. Everything at its core is a copy, or at the very least improves on what comes before. I mean think about it, you are the copy (or remix) of your mom and your dad.

Therefore, the next time your are tasked with coming up with a good idea or ‘innovating’, you may want to consider copying. That is understanding, i) whats come befofe ii) what your competitors are doing iii) what is happening in a disparate industry.

Given above how do we getter better ideas, better at innovating? I propose the three things we need to do are:

  1. Be curious
  2. Listen
  3. Find the gems

With that said, copy with pride and steal like an artist.


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