Promethus59 First News: Launch, Listings & Updates, Further Expansion

Not so long ago, to be precise on 2 April 2019 Prometheus59 went live. A little more than two weeks have passed — not much, but we already have updates to report on.

Before digging dipper, let’s refresh the general idea of Prometheus59 and its urgency for complex calculations:


So when has it started and where are we now?

For the general public, it all started on 2 April 2019 by applying to CryptoBridge and further waiting for the listing approving. From the time of the listing announcement and until it was completed, users have had about 10 days to study Prometheus and ask their questions. The consequence of that study is below in the form of a short FAQ:

1. What are the technical fundamentals of Prometheus59?

Title — Prometheus59; Premine 0.59%

Ticker — P59; Collateral — 1000

Type — PoS/PoC; Min POS amount — 100

Algorithm — X11; Stake Min Age — 60 min

Block Time — 59 sec; P2P port — 59001

Total Supply — 59 000 000; RPC port — 59002

More specific information is presented in the Whitepaper:

2. When P59 will be traded on exchanges?

Prometheus59 has been listed on CryptoBridge under [P59] ticker since 11 April 2019:

Some users continue to ask about further exchange plans despite CryptoBridge listing is still fresh and hot. We do have at least 2 bigger exchanges in plans for Q3, and may also hit smaller exchanges if listing conditions, for the most part liquidity and fee, fit well.

3. What was the initial price for P59 coin? Was there any kind of pre-sale?

There was no pre-sale. The initial price for P59 equals the initial P59 price on CryptoBridge (you can check that it was about 0.0006btc for a coin).

4. Are there any bounties?

Yes, there are two ones running right now: twitter bounty and discrord invite bounty. For details, join P59 discord server: and pass to #invite-bounty or #twitter-bounty.

5. How to Install a Masternode?

Choose the suitable guide from below and follow it from A to Z:

· Guide for a VPS on Linux:

· Guide for a VPS on Windows:

Listings & Updates [+ useful links]

As it’s seen from the Roadmap, Q2 is all about marketing & promotion in social media. That will not only show the degree of interest in Prometheus59 but also give the team an idea of improvements and adjustments that must be introduced in the nearest future.

Q2 marketing can be conditionally reduced to

1. Social media exposure via materials & bounties.

2. Listing on crypto trackers, instant & shared node platforms, etc.

Social media exposure will pull more users to P59, form and strengthen the community that finds P59 interesting and relevant to the global agenda. List on various crypto trackers & node platforms will allow users to easily interact with P59.

Below are essential link that you can use as a user of P59.

Crypto trackers

1. (Masternodes. Online)

2. (CoinGecko)

3. (Coinlib)

4. (Delta app for computers)

5. (CoinCodex)

6. (CoinPaprika)

7. (ATHDA)

8. (CMC.IO)

Mobile Trackers

1. (P59 is available on delta app)

2. (P59 is available on blockfolio app)

Instant (Shared) Masternode Services

1. (Snode)

2. (Cryptohashtank)

3. (Gentarium)

4. (Midas)

Masternode Hosting Services

1. (Pecunia)

Further Expansion

More conveniences will become available in the coming days. P59 will continue its expansion to the cryptocurrency market & audience by applying to more and more credible crypto trackers & services. Also, there will be some technical information highlighting the development aspects.

Long story short: We will keep you posted — just be within reach!