It is day 3 of the bootcamp and to say I am doing badly would be an understatement. So yesterday I set upon learning Test Driven Development(TDD) and object oriented programming. I am yet to grasp both principles of programming.

My eyes are still drowsy from going through pages on pages of the web and books to grasps these concepts. In spite of my obstacles and challenges, I am still committed. I am trying to learn faster and catch up.

But what is a life without challenges? I believe that my purpose in life is to solve problems. And learning how to program is one of the many ways that I am going to be able to solve that. So cheers to more long days and nights of learning.

So far I know the basics I know the basics of Test Driven Development. I can derive a simple function from my tests. Progress! It is clear, this boot camp has made me grow a lot.

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