Peaceful Promised Reform in Motion versus Extremism and Terrorism

Dear readers, Peace be on you. There is demand by certain groups and people in the Western countries that Muslims should not come to these countries because they do not mix with societies, they hold to their identity and they bring terrorism. Minarets of mosques, hijabs and not hand shaking with other gender are mentioned too.

In such demands, there is some bias against Islam but this complaint is very true that extremism is linked with Muslim countries.

Unfortunately the rebel groups and governments in Muslim countries get arms from western countries. They are cleverly used.

The fundamental weakness starts from within. Muslims suffer from their misdeeds, conspiracies and revolts. They do not pay mutual rights, they give priority personal interest over national and communal interests. Their leaders and masses do not practice true Islam. Their clergies are not doing the duty they are supposed to do, instead they are have worldly greeds and have pushed the ummah into darkness. They do not ponder what the era demands.

This is the era whose characteristics were foretold by Allah and Holy Prophet of Islam as latter days era. It was prophesied that practical conditions of Muslims would need reforms and coming of a promised reformer was foretold for the reminder of true faith even if it had gone to Pleiades.

But when the promised Messiah Mahdi reformer came, he and his community was and is being opposed mainly by so called mullahs and their groups. Recently, more than two hundred Ahmadiyya Muslims were oppressed because they believed he has come. Some have been imprisoned for one to three years at the order of courts. But the oppressed one are solid as rock.

His holiness Ahmadiyya Khalifah V reminded that the oppressors should remember that Allah is watching all matters and His Court is the Highest.

Surely Islam will not be spread by extremists and terrorists. It is destined to be reach the corners of earth through peaceful promised reforms which are in motion through Ahmadiyya Khilafat.

Currently, on one hand there are so called religious scholars and extremists who are leading killings of innocent humanity at various places. Then there are rulers and politicians, who are not religious but they are afraid of clergies’ ignorance based street power, they are impressed by earthly people. Both categories oppose the promised reformer for worldly gains.

Ahmadiyya Khalifah tells his international Community that, in these circumstances, members should realize their huge duty as they accepted the Imam of the era, face oppression of various types by various people. They should do their duty without fear, and not creating any discord, and convey the message of One God to everyone, and inform everyone about the real teaching of real Islam. This service should be done with wisdom, best advice and argumentation as Holy Quran said. No where Allah the Exalted has commanded to spread Islam with sword. It is erroneous thought and way of extremists.

In the current societies certain acts are considered moral while religion call them sin. If other person gets angry, we can postpone the talk, say greeting and leave with out agreeing, but there should be no hypocrisy. The wisdom does not mean that cowardice should be practiced.

Hazrat Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah Mahdi (on whom be peace) explained: “When you debate with someone, debate with wisdom and virtuous advices, which should be with softness and politeness. Yes, it is true that many ignorant and unwise clergy of this era, due to their foolishness, have very idea that to spread religion with Jihad and sword is thing of very much reward. And they live life behind cover and hypocrisy. But they are very wrong to have this thought. At their wrong understanding, blame cannot be at Divine Book. In fact, truths and realities are never dependent of any compulsion, rather compulsion proves that spiritual arguments are weak. Did that God Who sent this revelation to His Holy Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) “fasbir kama sabara olulazm……….” i.e you show such patience which should be equal to the patience of all resolute Messengers. That is, if patience of all Prophets is combined, it should not be greater than your patience. And then Said, “la ikraha fiddin” i.e. compulsion should not be in deen. Then Said, “udo ela sabeley rabbeka bil hikmate wal moezatil hasanah” i.e. debate with wisdom and virtuous sermons, not with harshness. And then Said, “wal kazemenal ghaiza wal aafina anin nas” ..they are the ones who restrain anger and forgive attacks of nonsense talker and cruel natured people and do not answer absurdity with absurdity. Can such God give that teaching that you should murder deniers of your religion, and loot their wealth, and desolate their houses? But the initial measure of Islam, which was in accordance with divine commandment, was only that those who lifted swords cruelly, they were killed by very sword. As they did, they received retribution. Where is this written that to keep murdering deniers with sword? It is the thought of ignorant clergies and unwise pastors. It has no reality whatsoever……..Remember, the person who treats (others) with harshness and becomes angry, words of knowledge and wisdom can never be spoken by his tongue. Such heart is made deprive of words of wisdom which loses self-control when comes in front of his opponent. Bad-mouthed and lips of unbridled one are made un-fated of and deprive of spring of subtleties. Anger and wisdom both cannot get together. The one who is defeated by anger, his wisdom is dull and understanding is blunt. He is never given dominance and help in any field. Anger is half madness, when it increases it can become full madness Let it be that when one should speaks, speak after thinking and it should be short. No benefit is obtained by doing lot of debates. At some time, brief words of specific cure should be said, and it should go right into ear. Later if it occurs, do it again…….. With as much intensity false opposes truth, by that much power and strength, truth increases….”

Hazrat Ahmadiyya Khalifah V (may Allah be his Helper) prayed that May his Community become model of true Muslims, convey merits and excellences of Islam despite all oppositions, safeguard real Islam and express its truth.

[This essay is based on the Friday sermon of March 17, 2017, delivered by Holiness Ahmadiyya Khalifah from U.K. — broadcasted through Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International (]