AMA Recap πŸ‘‘ Prominence X Bigtime X Koi Capital

On December 23rd, 2021 at 10:00 pm (SGT), four big names from the NFT metaverse came together to discuss and bring clarity on what Big Time is and why should everyone be excited about it. We’ve invited Big Time’s Daniel Chen, Community Head, and Ryan Yang, Director of Growth along with Lurion Yee, Founder of Koi Capital.

We are excited to share the highlights on the AMA between Prominence x Big Time x Koi Capital.

πŸ‘‘ Koi Capital is heavily invested in GameFi, metaverse, and any potential NFT games or in-game assets in the current scene. They major in metaverse assets, GameFi, or Webtree L1-L2 infrastructure, web tooling, and Data Aggregator. They have been investing in this space since Q1 2021. They hope to transcend all investments that they make into an embodiment of value rather than just making financial gain.

πŸ‘‘ Koi Capital’s investments transitioned into metaverse and GameFi since Q1. They are banking bigger on Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie, and Monsta Infinite. Looking at some private investments and upcoming games such as Big Time. Venturing out into metaverse and GameFi opened opportunities for colorful partnerships with different companies. Seeing a more vibrant scene with different talents from artists to gamers alike. The NFT space with its pay-to-earn model will pave the way for future generations to consider gaming as a viable career path.

πŸ‘‘ Big Time is a cooperative RPG with fast-action combat, spiced up with the collectibles of NFTs and a take from history’s most iconic figures. Team up with friends to embark on an adventure across time and space.

πŸ‘‘ The team comes from renowned gaming companies. What makes the game big is the people behind it.

Ari Meilich β€” CEO, Pioneered NFTs and founder at

Thor Alexander β€” CPO, Pioneered MMO and Social Games at EA and Zynga

Matt Tonks β€” CTO, worked on games like Fortnite, Gears of War, and Medal of Honor

Carlo Arellano β€” Art Director, worked on God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and World of Warcraft

Martin Sweitzer β€” Principal Engineer, worked on Fortnite and Gears of War

Aaron Smith β€” Lead Artist, worked on Fortnite and Gears of War

TJ Stamm β€” Lead Level Designer, worked on Call of Duty

Brian Alexander β€” Lead Writer, worked on Overwatch 2 and Blane Runner 2049

Doug Wilson β€” Director of Ops, worked on Ultima Online and Command & Conquer

Tom Zhao β€” Lead Concept Artist, worked on games like League of Legends and Sky: Children of the Light

πŸ‘‘ Big Time will be a different kind of NFT game. The team is focusing on a Gamer-first rather than a Crypto-first perspective. The big difference is that Big Time is partnered with Circle and what that means is that they have a collaboration with the creators of the USD Coin ($USDC) in which Circle helps maintain custody of the player’s assets. Think about it like an NFT marketplace gaming hub that is very similar to Coinbase or Binance. This makes the onboarding of gamers incredibly seamless and easy.

πŸ‘‘ An example of the ease of use for people is when Big Time’s pre-selling of Space, people can just go to their website, create an account then buy one using their credit card, it’s that easy. This way even people with minimal knowledge about crypto or NFT would be able to enter the metaverse. The goal is to build a bridge for traditional gamers to the NFT metaverse.

πŸ‘‘ The game’s mechanics is much like your traditional RPG games where you go into a dungeon with a group of friends, kill monsters and get your loot. Within those loots you collect, you'll be able to earn NFTs and we know that the whole world right now is about NFTs.

πŸ‘‘ Time Machines β€” which is every player’s personal pocket metaverse. Players can earn their first Time Machine in the early stages of the game for free, giving them a virtual home to decorate, where they can host events for fellow gamers.

They’ll also be able to expand and personalize your Time Machine through SPACE NFTs to access more advanced features, such as Time Keepers: NPCs that can create the Hourglass NFT, which, if equipped, would allow you to earn token loot as you defeat enemies; or Forges, where you can craft and enhance your NFTs.

πŸ‘‘ There are four classes initially namely Warrior, Chronomancer, Shadow Blade, and Quantum Fixer but the team is planning to add more unique and fun classes.

πŸ‘‘ Infinity Vault β€” an area inside the Big Time universe that is like an instance dungeon where players can explore and battle monsters and bosses. The idea is based on the Big Time vault ecosystem itself. A sale was previously done in Binance through mystery boxes and a custom skin would be rewarded for those who have collected all six Infinity Vaults.

πŸ‘‘ The vault ecosystem will initially be built on ETH with future plans of integrating it with Polygon, Solana, and Avalanche to encompass a multi-chain feature.

πŸ‘‘ The vault differs from any other marketplace because people can have full flexibility in using it. There is something called a Smart contract that is able to interact with the rest of the blockchain world. While entering the game and economy is seemingly simple, people can learn more about crypto and how tokens work. People can also safely withdraw to different types of decentralized marketplaces with a process easy enough that help the user understand everything.

πŸ‘‘ VIP passes grant players guaranteed early access to the game. This in turn gives players a head start in accessing game content where limited-edition cosmetic and decorative items can be found.

Gold VIP passes will give the earliest access to the first 1,000 players.

Silver VIP passes will give the earliest access to the first 3,000 players.

Jade VIP passes will give the earliest access to the first 8,000 players.

πŸ‘‘ Entering an NFT game can sometimes cost money. Big Time has three main routes for players to play the game:

Free-to-play β€” people can play and enjoy the game without spending money on it. F2P players in turn are not exposed to the economy.

Purchasing Time Machines β€” players are exposed to the economy and can benefit from the perks of having Time Machines along with future updates that are related to this NFT.

Purchasing Space β€” on the long run, players purchasing Space benefit from expanding the space on their Time Machines, adding new more advanced features like Time Keepers and Forges.

πŸ‘‘ Developers are looking into adding a PVP system to the game but they want to build the key foundations first before branching out to different game modes in the future. Big Time wants to bring the competitive nature of PVP players and all its elements into the game but they would still need to hear more feedback from the community before they actually implement it in the future.

πŸ‘‘ Big Time will not be the only game that the team will release. There will be more additions to the ecosystem in the future playable across all platforms, some are on mobile and some are on PC each having its own unique gameplay and mechanics.

πŸ‘‘ Big time is playable on PC and the team wants to make sure that everyone will have an enjoyable experience first before expanding to other platforms.

πŸ‘‘ How much Space would people need in order to get a Time Keeper or Forge? β€” Each Space has its own socket size e.g. Epic-Small has two sockets and a Time Keeper requires two sockets in order to get installed in your Space. This highly depends on what Space a player has and how many does an NFT require.

πŸ‘‘ If I have limited money, what should I be focusing on? β€” People can play for free from the start and if a player is really good then this individual can join a guild that owns their own Space. Players can also earn by themselves little by little from NFT drops they get from dungeons

πŸ‘‘ Lurion expressed his opinion about Big Time. The game gives a different perspective from conventional gaming in which the gamer does not see value in the asset they get. A good element to include in the game is where people who spent money are rewarded earlier on.

The economic model on the current NFT gaming is another playing field for those who put in more effort. People who have invested more should be rewarded with higher financial gain later on. This will bring more people to come and play the game.

Big Time had done such a good job in building good community management which should always come before a good product.

Big Time Studios

Big Time Studios has recruited an all-star team of game industry veterans from the likes of Epic Games, Blizzard, EA, and Riot. Individually, we’ve contributed to some of the best-loved franchises in gaming history, including Fortnite, God of War, Call of Duty, and Overwatch just to name a few.

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Other socials

Koi Capital

At KOI Capital, we believe in transcending blockchain and cryptographic investments into vivid, fulfilling, and experiential ventures β€” much like a koi that leaps over a dragon gate to evolve into a mythical dragon.

Website | Twitter | Medium

Prominence Games

β€œSic parvis Magna β€” Greatness from small beginnings” πŸ‘‘ We started small, just a group of friends and a dream. We entered the metaverse wanting to make a name for ourselves, investing in play-to-earn games and owning their in-game assets. We are continuously innovating new ideas to improve the future of NFT gaming and this metaverse.

Now we’re here, though still young with the thousands behind our banner we are roaring as loud as we can. Telling everyone that we are climbing to the top and aiming to be the kings and queens of this metaverse.



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