“Sorry I Missed Your Call…”

Have you called someone lately who hasn't answered your call?

A couple of days later you post something on social media and suddenly you get an inbox message along the lines of ‘sorry I missed your call…’

Yeah, happens all the time, right?


Well it’s definitely no coincidence!

It’s happened because you've simply reminded them of you and that they've forgotten to return your call.

In other words, you've made them aware once again and the inbox message is them taking action.

You know it’s no different in business — with the noise of every industry, the more times you remind your audience that you’re there, the higher chance you have of them taking action and you being able to convert them.

This is all about harnessing brand awareness.

brand awareness [brand] [uh-wair-nis]
the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.

What brand comes to your mind right now? Are you a victim of their brand awareness strategy?

Business Owner?

So if you’re a business owner who still thinks that brand awareness doesn't help bring in sales, think again. If this connection happens between families, friends, and colleagues, it’s happening with your audience as well.

So get out there, get active, be at the forefront of your ideal prospects minds. Get them taking action with you instead of with your competitors.

Happy selling!

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