As Yet Untitled

Trying to write something each week for 52 weeks is definitely a challenge. I do not have a recurring theme (which I should) and I don’t consider myself a writer (for I am not). But it is especially difficult in this current, overtly political, time of our lives. I’ve been waiting for the election to be over for a year now. But even though he’s sworn in it feels like the election process continues as a long, consuming, churning machine that has yet to provide any useful or tangible product.

He is our president and I will respect the office but I’m afraid I cannot accept the way he treats people, countries and religions with a total lack of respect and disdain. It is impossible to voice an opinion on social media because the view is always binary. Friends are no longer friends. Strangers are considered an enemy because they have a different understanding or thought. There is no debate, you’re just plain wrong!

When I was in 10th grade, our social studies teacher, Mr Calmus, brought us to a daytime television show — this was back when these shows offered an open discussion and debate on relevant topics, not the latest diet fad and relationship fix. The Dave Patterson Show had the Grand Dragon of the local Klu Klux Klan as the guest to be interviewed. As a 10th grader who’s school had one black kid, who was adopted, being placed in a room with this gentleman was an amazing experience. We sat through the broadcast and the audience was allowed to ask questions but afterwards we went backstage and got to speak one on one with this person over Dunkin Donuts and coffee. Three of us tried to talk with him and understand why he thought black people were different than white people. We couldn’t get our heads wrapped around his logic — it just didn’t work. He was unbending, this, to him, was a truth, a fact — to us, well we were flabbergasted!

I feel like we’re in this mindset today. To me and most of my friends we just don’t understand how what he is doing is allowed to continue. The offense, the conflict of interest, the simple rudeness. But I have other friends that believe in him inherently. The issue at hand is not him, it’s his message. Politics and politicians have gotten out of hand and things need to change. You had two candidates essentially saying the same thing, just one had some commone sense about what and how to fix things and the other played bully and said he’ll drain the swamp. I agree things need to change — I don’t see how this current president doesn’t just bring a different, albeit more transparent, form of corruption.

This is tough to write as I know I will alienate a number of people. For this I’m sorry, but I have to say something and this 52 week writing challenge (which I’ve already failed) has inspired me to do so. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I believe politics and politicians need to change. We need to make common sense decisions and get rid of the bureaucratic red-tape. Not showing your taxes, promoting your daughter’s clothing line, accepting a chinese distribution license within a few months of becoming president doesn’t seem to me like draining the swamp.

I’m now stepping down off my soap box. Thank you for reading, thank you more for not flaming the comments!

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