Did I Miss The AppleTV Review?

Did I miss the memo? I see the various reviews of AppleTV that focus on the streaming video. I also see the comments on Siri and her ability to find programs you had to search for previously. And I’ve been a buyer of the one button (well not quite) remote since I bought my first-gen AppleTV so many years ago. Everyone has been so focused on Apple re-designing the TV like the did for the phone that they’ve missed the bigger picture. M.G. Siegler touched upon this with his post explaining that the “TV” is no longer a TV — it’s ur iPad, or your iPhone. TimeWarner even has an advert about this where the young boy speaks spanish and calls everything a “tele-vis-i-on”. But again, to me, that’s not the news.

Siri, and the ability to call to your TV to do stuff (I’m showing my age by saying I remember when you had to walk ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM to not only turn the channel but adjust the outside ring to tune it in correctly) is very cool. The demo where they pull Ed Norton out of the many seasons of Modern Family is an example of how easy it can be to find a show. TimeWarner is testing their new DVR 3.0 with a new guide and everything and it still can’t hold a candle to the simplicity of AppleTV. And the one-button AppleTV remote can be easily replaced by the remote ‘app’ on your iPhone which immediately solves the issue of having to type with one button in the search box! But again, we’re completely missing the point. The point where Nintento, Sony, Xbox should be literally leaving a stain on the cabinet where their set-top-box sits.

Remember when you’re mobile phone took pictures? All of them took pictures and ALL of them were bad pictures. It wasn’t till the iPhone that the pictures really started to challenge the simple point and shoot cameras we carried? And what was that bar of soap sized video camera that got displaced by the iPhone’s ability to shoot video? That piece had a lifespan of two years, max. But as much as the iPhone put the nail in the phone sized coffin for mini video recorders, that’s still not where Apple really changed the world. Yes, you now had a mini-super computer (from the late 70’s) in your pocket and yes, it took really good video and even better still photos.

One thing was missing back then, before the iPhone…it had never even been there…do you know what I mean yet? Prior to the iPhone did you ever hear of an “App Store”? Sure, Sony PSP was the ‘bomb’ of personal playing devices…but where does it stand now, or nintendo, or nintendo 3DS? I remember getting my son a 3DS only to have my original iPhone (at that point simply a Touch) replace it for Fruit Ninja. The AppStore made games for everyone. Sudoku and Scrabble for the smart ones, Candy Crush and Temple Run for those of us on the other side of the equation. Apple CRUSHED the gaming market and you see it on the Subway every day.

So how come nobody is talking about this? In my very humble, and un-educated opinion, this is the beginning of a massive life-change in the TV environment? How much space does ur Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo take up? It’s bigger than your cable box. The AppleTV is the size of a hockey puck. It comes with a controller, that will, most definitely, get lost, but HEY, your iPhone/iTouch/iPad will work…look at that!?! They demonstrated Crossy Road but imagine what will happen with two or more player games. Imagine more when you FaceTime each other to start your game. And when your skills are tracked on GameCenter (which I still refuse to use) you’ll be able to take your almost perfect Fruit Ninja score on an iPhone and show off on the 52" screen!

I think the TV consoles, the GameFly.coms and everyone else that’s been living in the “console” world will soon need to be consoled. AppleTV will successfully change the way you use your TV and everything you hook up to it!

Perhaps someone already picked up on this and I simply missed the memo! Thanks for reading!

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