To be honest I have been kind of upset with him.
Where to begin?
Jean Weddleton Dreyer

I help out around our church and I help out with the cub scouts (even though Dilyn has been out for years) but I think your relationship with God is yours. I think you’re allowed to be pissed at him. You’re also allowed to be upset — hell, you have cancer! But remember what this challenge has done to you. You’ve become an unbelievable fighter! You’ve really focused your efforts on your kids. Youve inspired so many people with what you do.

Don’t forget these things. Cancer sucks but you’ve put a focus on your life and the actions you take. How diffident would things have been if you didn’t have this challenge!

I know the shit far outweighs the shinola but kid you are so important to so many! Don’t ever forget it! You know He won’t!

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