The Fastest Fizzbuzz In The West

Wherein our lowly protagonist gets fed up with the state of software development interviews, and creates a new programming language which is particularly well-suited to implementing FizzBuzz (with the help of Python and RPLY).

I’m sure almost everyone’s heard of FizzBuzz, but if you haven’t, it’s is a mythical interview question to see how well you can write code in an environment in which you will never actually write code.

The goal is to sufficiently intimidate junior developers so they will know to steer clear of your organization. It also has the nice effect of offending senior developers as well, so it’s great for quickly narrowing down your hiring pipeline!

The general idea is as follows:

Write a program that prints the numbers 1 through n, however for every number divisible by 3, print ‘fizz’ and for every number divisible by 5, print ‘buzz’. If a number is divisible by both 3 and 5, print ’fizzbuzz’.

We don’t use FizzBuzz or anything like it when we screen potential new hires at PromptWorks, and I’ve never actually been asked to implement it. But, if you gave me this question in an interview, after my initial shock wore off, I might have asked, “Can I use Python?” And if you said yes, I might have written something like this…

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