Announcing a fourth batch of partners: Moonwhale Ventures & Lotus Capital

Dear Community,

Another day another batch of partners which are supporting us in our journey. With the last ones disclosed tomorrow, today we are glad to announce two others:

  • Moonwhale Ventures
    Moonwhale provides Blockchain projects with technical and operational support via its network to institutions, industry and commerce across Asia. Moonwhale Ventures connects Blockchain/ DEFI with ‘real-world’ businesses and institutions. Moonwhale has already shown its expertise on several projects such as Celcius, Avalanche or Splyt.
  • Lotus Capital
    Lotus Capital is a leading blockchain venture capital (VC) and accelerator covering both the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets. Lotus Capital has been supporting multiple high-profile digital asset companies to market, including Harmony, Zilliqa, Reef, Swarm, CasperLabs, and many more. Lotus Capital will use its knowledge & network from the MENA area to further help PromxIDO.




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