Taking pills can be easy to forget and factors such as unpleasant side effects can significantly contribute to missed doses. This is especially true for serious diseases with complicated and prolonged regimens, often leading to decreased patient adherence at a time when staying on a drug regimen is especially important.

AdhereTech currently helps patients around the world with its adherence programs. The company’s smart pill bottle and underlying software detect compliance with medications, alerts patients when they miss a dose, and can directly notify the patients’ specialty pharmacy if it detects more serious issues. …

Five therapies have been backed for approval in the European Union, including two orphan medicines addressing rare conditions.

First up, the European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) endorsed AMMTeK’s Amglidia(glibenclamide) for the treatment of neonatal diabetes mellitus in newborns, infants and children.

Neonatal diabetes is an extremely rare form of diabetes diagnosed in the first six months of life. The condition is life-threatening and debilitating because of the symptoms caused by high blood sugar levels and the risk of ketoacidosis.

Amglidia, a new oral formulation of diabetes drug glibenclamide developed specifically for paediatric use, will…

Community pharmacies in sub-Saharan Africa are still a long way from conforming to best practises. Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth, with a population of about 180 million, is not excused from this ineffective system.

Community pharmacies in Nigeria are popularly known as “chemists”. A typical ‘chemist’ would have one or two sales persons at the counter (depending on the size of the store). Patients often walk into these stores and procure drugs without questions. The goal for the store is to sell off its medicines as soon as they could.

The running of these pharmacy stores in…

Mama Chinelo Pharmacy store is situated along the River banks of Oworonshoki, Lagos. It has served the neighborhood for about 2 decades now and has since become an integral member of the community.

Mama Chinelo, the shop owner, is a woman in her very late 50s. She’s a trained pharmacist and decided to set up her pharmacy store about 20 yrs ago after a wave of retrenchment hit the organization she worked at the time.

She’s renowned and revered in the community for her strong work ethic, passion and dedication to her work over the years.

Mama Chinelo pharmacy store…


The sound jolted the two boys sitting by the bush to life. “Where e dey? No gree make e run ooo”, one of the boys called out to his friends in Pidgin. With sticks in hand, they ran after the snake.

Wondering what’s going on!

You are welcome to Snake Island. A country where snakes swallow 100,000 US dollars, rats prevent the Executive President from resuming office and a whole lot of other bizarre happenings.

Snakes such as this are found in churches, mosques, corporate businesses and more rampant in government offices.

As a Pharmacy store owner, you’ll attest…

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