A look back. I am a Dem and I voted for Trump. Let’s talk about it… #DemExit
Adam Townsend

There are a variety of one line inspirational quotes that you can find on the internet but the only that I’ve found that I use everyday in life to interpret situations is, “we believe what we want to believe”…

With that being said, in your article you made 3 points after your #NeverHillary section where you left out so much context that I’m left to believe that you want to believe Hillary is as bad as it gets. As for my quick rebuttals, first off you said that, “Hillary was a horrible S.O.S” yet you gave no real reasoning behind your belief. You listed off a group of countries as the entire reason behind why she is/was “terrible” and that she “made poor decisions”. As an International Relations major I’m dumbfounded when someone tries to explain the international community and U.S. Foreign Policy so black and white. In fact, I’d love to go into more detail with anyone that wants to debate her foreign policy blunders (which there are blunders, I’m not going to deny you that), but each country you mentioned is worth it’s own multiple hour debate and not a quick two sentenced reference on Medium. Instead I’ll just give a counterargument as equally short as your original argument. Hillary Clinton left the S.O.S. with a 63% approval rating (66% peak) and was so loved by Europeans she still has a 60% approval rating from them.

As for the Clinton Foundation and/or Clinton Global that is just another (if not more so) conversation or debate that when given more context is not as black and white as you portrait it.

Anyway moving on to Trump…

I honestly don’t know where to begin. You seem to love vision and current stances so I’ll start here….

I have no reason to believe that anything that Donald Trump has said during this campaign season is something that he actually believes. Since 1990 Donald Trump has been a Democrat twice, a Republican twice, and once an Independent. He’s given money to both major parties and has flip-flopped on countless issues that several outlets of liberal media has been able to create videos like this one. Trump barely mentioned anything about Muslims until he saw Ben Carson’s 18 point jump in the polls after saying that he wouldn’t vote for a Muslim to be President. Another issue that Trump more ironically touts is his anti-TPP stance (even tough he benefits from trade deals as his consumer products are made/manufactured in Mexico) but this anti-TPP stance is rooted in his odd hatred from China. Then again that hatred isn’t so odd when you genuinely believe that China created the false global warming narrative to have an advanced economically… but coming back to the point, how can you actually believe a candidate is anti-TPP when 1. his running mate is Mike Pence, 2. his parties platform isn’t anti-TPP, and 3. he personally benefits from free trade agreements.

Oh and if you don’t think that Trump wants to explore his options for personal gain once reaching the White House, let’s not forget he wants to open up libel laws so that he can sue journalists easier.

I could go on for days, but considering this is the comment section of a post that broadly swept over so many issues I will finish with this…

If you do believe yourself to be a liberal than I still conclude that you are believing what you want to believe and not what is actually the truth. Donald Trump has had unconstitutional stances on 4 of our 5 first amendment rights. He’s supported killing innocent civilians (families of terrorists), he’s praised an anti-democratic authoritarian in Putin, he’s called for a Muslim registry which I’d would argue is far worse than even a Muslim ban, he’s called for a total repeal of Obamacare without a replacement, he touts himself (hilariously) as a Christian on the campaign trail yet suggests that the Pope isn’t himself a believer in Christ due do his liberal positions, he refuses to release his tax statements, he mocked a disabled reporter, etc etc. The list is endless. In conclusion I would like to give my advice. It’s safe to assume that the biggest reasons you are voting for Trump are reasons you listed on this post. If that is true I would love to see yourself really research further into the positions of Trump and the record of Hillary Clinton. I’m not talking a few good searches of sites you like to get political news from, I’m talking digging down into the real proposals and the issues those proposals pertain to, and if you do this I hope you go into it completely neutral for HRC and Trump. If you come to the same conclusion that you’ve vote for Trump I will not be hostile towards that conclusion in the way I feel I’m probably coming off hostile at the moment, but you need to prove to me in a way I haven’t able to find myself that Trump is different that the partisan uncle that talks the talk but can’t walk the walk.

P.S. — I apologize for any typos. Didn’t read over this mainly because I’m in a rush but I felt like I had to comment.

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