When snagging a mine bag is a GOOD thing

We can just imagine your face when you snag a bag and its a mine bag. All that virtual cash you’ve collected so far, GONE!

Then again there are instances where snagging one of these bags is actually a good thing.

An even worse bag to snag is a “Trap” bag. If the amount you lose is more than your balance you will end up with a negative virtual cash balance. Imagine someone planted a trap set to $1,000,000 you will loose $1,000,000. It will take a very long time to recover from that. lol

What the mine bag actually does is reset your virtual cash balance. If you are positive, you will lose all of your virtual cash. If you are negative, your negative balance gets reset.

In this case, you’ll be glad you’ve got this bag after losing $1,000,000.

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