ADT® Pulse Helps Homeowners Manage Home Security

Protect Your Home offers home security systems complete with ADT® Pulse which is great for cord cutters. These security systems can help you protect your home by receiving real-time alerts, no matter where you are in the world.

Pulse allows homeowners to manage their home security remotely. Users can arm or disarm their security systems from anywhere they have Internet connectivity, whether they are down the street or on an airplane in midflight.

The handy ADT Pulse app also allows custom security alerts. The system can be configured to send texts or emails when someone enters or exits a home. Real-time updates allow homeowners to keep tabs on their family, the babysitter, or workers who have access to their home. In the unfortunate event of an unwelcome intruder, these real-time updates can save police response time and make all the difference in stopping thefts.

ADT Pulse can even inform homeowners of other problems, like open windows, air-conditioning failure, or low battery power. It will also provide immediate alerts in the event of flooding, fire, and other disasters.

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