Setting in Place a Plan in Case of Residential Fire

Protect Your Home
Apr 11, 2016 · 1 min read

Offering ADT(R)-monitored home security systems, Protect Your Home provides a full range of support and installation services. Maintaining locations across the United States, Protect Your Home can often install selected security systems within one day, which helps provide loved ones with peace of mind. The company blog features a number of articles, including several on the topic of fire safety around the home.

Small fires can spread rapidly and turn into a major conflagration within half a minute, catching people in the house unaware. For this reason, it makes sense to have a well-rehearsed fire-related emergency plan in place. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends having at least two potential exits to the house, as well as a pair of exits for each room.

Another aspect of preparedness involves testing windows to make sure they are not jammed or otherwise broken. Kits should be made up in advance that combine first aid, bottled water, and important documents such as birth certificate and social security card. A final aspect of the fire safety equation involves investing in a quality home security solution that includes advanced smoke detection capabilities.

Protect Your Home

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Protect Your Home — Home Security Company with Nationwide Footprint

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