Testing and Maintaining Home Security Systems

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May 3, 2016 · 1 min read

Protect Your Home is a leading installer of quality ADT(R) monitored residential security systems. Working closely with homeowners, the Protect Your Home team customizes alarm configurations to specific residential layouts and family needs. While current security systems are highly automated in ways that take the stress out of safety, they do require basic maintenance.

Each week, conduct a walkthrough of the residence, inspecting all windows and doors and seeking out areas of structural weakness that involve rotting or warping. Test the alarm sensors and ensure that they are properly mounted, and make sure that a potential intruder cannot easily breach the living area. Also make sure the cameras are in working order.

It’s important to regularly test the control panel, which coordinates all the various sensors that run throughout the home. The panel’s “test mode” allows this to be done quickly and efficiently. Remember to notify your security provider prior to the test, or it may be registered as a break-in requiring law enforcement presence. Finally, have trained technicians come out and inspect the system on an annual basis. They will be able to take a comprehensive, experienced look at the elements that ensure the safety of your family.

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