Stop Misunderstanding Cholesterol Any Longer for Fatness

Fatness has already become one of major issues many people have to face in the daily life. It is not just about physical function, also brings a series of complications. Lost of factors will lead to fatness, cholesterol definitely will be regarded as the pivotal one. However, It is time to explain for cholesterol.

The fact is that cholesterol is far from horrible as you think before. It doesn’t produce calories, which proves it will not increase body fat (strictly speaking, cholesterol is not fat, but “lipid”). It is an indispensable part of the body. Human body needs to synthesize cholesterol when the intake is insufficient. The normal body will excrete the excess part of the body for the excessive cholesterol intake. And cholesterol is an important part of the cell membrane, also is the synthesis of sex hormones and vitamin A carrier. No sexual desire, sperm and eggs without cholesterol.

Scientists found that: low cholesterol foods intake such as sugar and starch can not only reduce but will increase the risk of heart disease. Because sugar and starch can lead to human triglycerides rise, HDL cholesterol decline, which significantly increases the risk of heart disease. The risk factor for heart disease is the ratio of triglyceride to HDL cholesterol. High-fat, high-cholesterol foods, including fish, meat, eggs, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds (such as cocoa, soybeans and peanuts) can reduce triglycerides in the body, improve cholesterol, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, and avoid obesity , Diabetes and cardiovascular and other diseases.

An excess of cholesterol will be deposited on the vessel wall. So it will cause the blood vessels to become easily blocked and easy to form arteriosclerosis. And arterial-hardening, it increases the “myocardial infarction”, “cerebral hemorrhage”, “brain sclerosis” risk. On the contrary, the lack of cholesterol intake will cause a rise in the phenomenon of cancer mortality. Proper cholesterol and diet is the key to keep the balance.

High cholesterol content of food




.Chicken liver

.Cod roe

.sea urchin


Ingredients to prevent cholesterol from rising

.Food fiber

In particular, seaweed, konjac, fruit and so on contain “water-soluble fiber”, absorption of

cholesterol in the intestinal , and then excreted.


Vitamin C, E can be used to prevent cholesterol oxidation, vitamin B2 has the role of decomposition of peroxides.


.Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil includes a large content of unsaturated acids to increase HDL cholesterol.

Take step by step, Keep inside balance, You will be fit!

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