XShare NFT Minting Tutorial

3 min readNov 26, 2022

Welcome back PTX Fam! With our XShares now LIVE, a suited article on the release of our XShares is here.

In this article, it will cover the following:

  • Brief introduction & description of XShare NFTs
  • XShare NFT mint tutorial

Let’s get started!

XShares Introduction

What is an XShare?

XShare NFTs are an exclusive ProtocolX NFT which is known as an XShare. This is your direct share of the business revenue stream as a whole.

  • Includes a revenue share model from ProtocolX and from any future developments that lie within the greater umbrella.
  • Owning an XShare allows the owner of the NFT to receive a direct revenue stream from share % kickbacks from within the business and onwards into the ever-expanding business models under ProtocolX development.
  • 4% of Selling fees are directed toward XShares, before expanding for revenue which is shared from the ProtocolX ecosystem.
  • XShares have tiers in order of rarity: Wanderer Passage, Common Passage, Uncommon Passage, Rare Passage, and Legendary Passage.
  • For now, the Wanderer Passage, Common Passage and Legendary Passages are available.

If you are not a BGFT (previous project development) participant, entitled to Wanderer Passage XShare NFTs, you will most likely be opting into mint a Common Passage NFT which is 5000 NFTs in total to mint.

Each mint of the Common Passage NFT costs x1 BNB (bep-20 Binance Smart Chain Network).

Common Passage XShare NFT preview.

How to Mint your XShare NFT

Here is a quick guide to help you mint your XShare NFT!

Step 1. Head on over to our dApp using the link below.

Step 2. Once you have arrived at the dApp landing page, you will see the dashboard and the sidebar to the left of your webpage as shown in the picture below.

dApp landing page preview

Step 3. Now, we need to connect our wallet which can be done by clicking the ‘connect’ button at the top left just under the ProtocolX logo.

Connect your wallet

Step 4. In this case, I am using MetaMask, so I would click on MetaMask. However, if you are using TrustWallet and other wallet providers, then the ‘WalletConnect’ option is the one most suited to you.
Please make sure you are on the correct network (BEP-20 BSC Network)

Connecting Via MetaMask

Following on from the connection process, you should now be connected to your wallet.

Next, we can go to the XShare mint webpage by selecting the XShares button.

XShare button redirect

Step 5. XShare Mint preview

Simply enter how many XShare NFTs you would like to mint, and press mint. 1BNB per Mint!

Follow the wallet popup notification to complete the transaction and you’re all set!

Any questions about the process, be sure to join us in our Discord and a member of the mod team and admin team can assist, should there be any issues.






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