Telegram Flash Sale (until Monday)

We have been busy these days, picking out spaces, making arrangements for the arena and finishing up legal stuff.

Soon there will be more update on those, but for now we decided to have a small Flash Sale:

Item 1 : Proton Gaming Softshell Jacket With New Designs 
(Image- )
Price: 44.99$ + Shipping

Item 2 : Proton Gaming T-shirt 
(Image- )
18.99 + Shipping

This week we are only getting these 2 out but we are preparing several more additional items that will be on the display next week.

And you can get those using 
TRX (0.024$) ~ 1915 TRX (Jacket) — — 800 TRX (T-shirt)
IGG 50:1 TRX ~ 96 000 IGG (Jacket) — — 39500 IGG (T-shirt)
PRO 1:4 IGG ~ 24 000 PRO (Jacket) — — 10000 PRO (T-shirt)

For everyone interested drop me a pm. Shipping information will depend on the amount and courier used!

Join our telegram group:

Telegram: @goranqooico

Let’s go PRO let’s go IGG!