When Trump Happens To Good People
Sara Nović

Fantastic piece, which should make all of us, both outside and inside the US, do a double take on ourselves and how we approach disagreement with others. Far too often we see ourselves shouting at one another over political differences (or religious ones, or cultural, or what have you). Name calling and shouting matches, which have ironically been Trump’s trademarks in this political race, seem ubiquitous across all spectrum of discussion. Sanders’ supporters, Clinton’s supporters, pro-choice, pro-life, Democrats, Republicans: there is no discussion which hasn’t been tainted by vitriolic rhetoric, which often comes as a knee-jerk reaction. Before our rational brain can begin to form a coherent argument to counter our opponent’s, the primal brain is already stringing a line of slurs to deride the opposing view point and make them seem ridiculous in our eyes.

Rather than further drive each other apart, we must always try to empathise with those who disagree with us. We must strive to understand, specially so for those who seem farthest from our reality. Let us not discard them, regardless of how different they may seem at first. Whether they are Muslisms, Christians, Republicans, Democrats, Asian, European, American, we can’t afford to keep putting people into little boxes that we can safely assume are separate from us. Instead, let us put everyone into the ultimate box we all fall into: Human. As difficult as that may be, it is the only way to avoid the path to anarchy or tyranny.

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