I find it rather disgusting that you look at your aunt and uncle as close-minded, privileged people…
Nick Asher

Why do you find the word privileged so offensive? I for one, can say without question that I am privileged. I was born into a wealthy, middle-class family. In a country where most children never finish their Elementary education, I was able to pursue not only a College degree, but a Masters abroad. In over two decades of life, I have never known hunger, or fear that money will run out next week. I’ve never been prosecuted for my beliefs or my life choices, whereas most countries in the world still have laws that would condemn people to prison or death for things that seem normal to me and my peers.

Is it such a terrible thing to be privileged? I am fortunate and blessed, truly, for being able to live the life I do. For the simple fact of being able to talk to you, here, having access to a computer and unlimited Internet access.

But I would be blind to think that the problems which most affect me are indeed the most pressing matters. To think that crimes committed by immigrants, which are still, in spite of all the rhetoric to the contrary, anything more than a statistical rarity, would be telling of an complete lack of scope on my part.

I am sorry that you feel so offended by the word privileged, but I would advise you to consider whether there are worse things to be called, or indeed, whether there are worse things in this world to be.

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