Be Interested or Interesting?

Dale Carnegie, one of the best selling authors of 19th century in his classic book ‘How to win friends and influence People’ narrates that if you want others to be interested in you, just be genuinely interested in them. It is as simple as that.

He goes on to say that even a dog knows it very well instinctively. In our society, to get the idea home, we can take example of cats of how they socialise with humans. It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand that, we as humans, are interested in ourselves. Whoever takes interests in us, we get interested toward them. It is equally true in case of employers. If you want to join a certain organisation, make sure you do the research on them. It will show your preparation and interest and increases the likelihood of your getting selected.

There is another school of thought that believes that being interesting is more important. They go on to create their personal brands, just like celebrities and corporate brands, come up with fresh ideas and keep people engaged. But what they fail to understand is that our discussion and its scope is limited to personal relationships and networking. It is not about sustaining a certain brand. Although for a brand to be successful, it needs to cater to the needs of it’s target market.