Mentorship Stories

Learning is very crucial to one’s growth both as an individual and as a professional. I’ve been very fortunate that I got ample opportunities to learn from individuals as diverse as retired army men, bureaucrat and educationists. After doing my 10th grade, I developed keen interest in learning from the life of men around me. It was an endeavor to learn beyond the books and curriculum. It was a pursuit to gain insights from the experiences of fellow humans who are much more experienced than me.

First of my interaction was with my uncle, who is a doctor, retired Lt. Colonel and Group Captain of Pakistan Army and Pakistan Airforce respectively. He taught me the traits of being excellent at what you do by hard work, try to be compassionate and always be kind to others. He motivated me to do intermediate from DA Degree College for Men, one of the prestigious private college in Karachi that ultimately gave me much needed exposure and broaden my overall perspective towards occupations and available career paths.

Another mentor that touched my life was a jang newspaper columnist named Saeed Ahmed Siddiqui, the person was a great story teller and has instilled in me the deep roots of patriotism and sense of responsibility to do something for the nation. In his youth, Saeed Sb has met founder of the nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and has seen the struggles for the new homeland first hand. Unfortunately, Saeed Sb is no more but he has kindled a light in me, that will guide me in years to come.

One of my elder brother has also been my mentor. He guided me in choosing my career and field of interest at an undergrad level. The choices which I made, ultimately shaped me as an individual who I am today.

In all the above stated mentorship experiences and many more experiences which I have yet to share, one key ingredient that helped me learn along the way was my humility and willingness to listen. To learn something, one has to have a courage to accept one’s shortcomings, one has to show willingness to unlearn and relearn things, one has to be ready to show gratitude, respect and give time to one’s mentor to take the relationship forward.

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