My Judaism, My Secret Destination
Benjamin van Loon

Ben, your story is somewhat similar to mine. I am an Anglo-Jewish hybrid (that’s why my e-mail is ‘anglohebraicus’). On dad’s side, I’m from Southern white ‘scalawag’ stock and mom’s people were mostly Galitzianers. I grew up without any religious training and a secular Christmas celebration. I began to become a Christian in college and, after forty years, I still am becoming one. But here’s the kicker: as my Christianity has deepened over the decades, so has my feeling of being Jewish. It’s as if Jesus is leading me back into Am Yisrael — and not to be a missionary or any of that crap! Indeed, I have doubts about how consonant most missionary activity is with respect for human dignity. No, just to be among my fellow Jews as, with God’s help, I seek justice and mercy and walk humbly (for me, that means to be aware of how limited our images of, and words for, God will always be) with the God I know. Thanks for writing this story.

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