Provectus Demo Days

As in many software development firms, at Provectus Inc. a large number of projects are constantly under way simultaneously by separate engineering teams. The goal has always been the continued support of expertise in various technologies which are to be transferred from one project to another, and from that thinking came to be, Demo Day.

Demo day — does not simply represent the chance of knowledge sharing between colleagues, but an additional opportunity for fruitful employee interactions.

The thought of holding such events at Provectus is actually not new. The difference being is that previously they have been conducted in an unorganized manner, put together under the pressure of necessity. And with time the need for such meetings steadily grew, which is why Provectus decided to hold them in a regular fashion.

Currently, Demo Days are hosted daily on the company’s premises. It is held in small groups where employees get the chance to tell about the project they are working on, its features, new discoveries or challenges, which they encountered during the development process. Demo Days feature only the most interesting of cases which the attendees solve as if they were the actual team in charge and in communication with the client.

The additional benefit to these meet-ups is they serve as a motivational factor to be more productive at work. When an engineer realizes that their Demo Day presentation lacks sufficient interesting materials, it is a wakeup call that they need to be more active and change a thing or two in their work process.

Demo Days do not have a framework or concrete requirements — any employee can become a speaker, all that’s required is to make an announcement in advance and prepare a mini-presentation.

Don’t get the idea that Demo Days are presentations of innovations in the Information Technology industry reserved for a select few. This is more than just a friendly knowledge sharing. There are plans to make them more accessible in the future by inviting interesting guests from universities as well as other software development firms. For the time being though, these meetings will remain to be productive simulations which have become a great tradition at our company.

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