What is the best way for HR partner to manage your company’s team?

Part 1. Training and Performance Review

Every organization has its own corporate culture and ways of doing business. And when employing a team to support your operations through a dedicated HR partner, it is important to adhere to these principles, values, ​​and traditions. These customs let your new team feel like being an integral part of the business with its own the mood while successfully working on a project.

Creating a healthy environment, and encouraging positive cross-border cultural and business relationships with colleagues is vital to ensure long-term accomplishment. It makes perfect sense that people who are happy with their work environment are more productive and more willing to cooperate across borders.

Focusing extra attention on employees’ training lets your HR partner ensure a working environment that meets even greater career opportunities. By investing in the professional and personal development of teams, and conducting regular performance reviews, your HR partner secures high-quality client-team interactions and smooth individual communication inside the team.

Training and performance review of your team by the HR partner entails the best practices in team management:

1. Workshops during Trial Period

· Upon hiring and employee, regardless of the position, the employee receives information from the HR specialist about 4 workshops that need to be attended during the trial period.

· 4 training sessions are aimed at acquainting the employee with the company and with the principles of customer and team communications.

· Business trainer and HR specialist invite the employee to the relevant training sessions.

· Before attending the Performance Review based on the results of the trial period, it is important for the employee to undertake all 4 training sessions successfully.

2. Performance Review for Improved Employee-Project Manager Communication

· During the Performance Review, HR and PM discuss with the employee the key development work factors during the last year.

· As a result, the employee is advised to pass training on topics relevant to his/her work factors that need further improvement.

3. Business Coach as Key Development Facilitator

· Having received the info on the employee’s work factors, company’s business coach includes the employee on the mailing list for the upcoming training sessions.

· Before the next Performance Review, company’s business coach recommends the employee to attend workshops in the relevant areas to boost skills and knowledge.

4. Yearly Performance Review

· Before the Yearly Performance Review the HR specialist request from the business coach the information about the training sessions passed by the employee during the year.

· At the Performance Review, HR specialist discusses with the employee how well he/she was able to improve skills on the designated work factors noted during the previous Performance Review.

· During the Yearly Performance Review, HR and PM hold a meeting with the employee to get feedback on past workshops, and new development work factors are determined for the next year.

Finally, reviewing your team’s performance requires an inclusion of professional leadership development through a dedicated Formula 1 training program. If the project manager / HR sees in the employee the necessary potential to become a team/project manager, then the project manager can recommend this employee to participate in a training program that includes a list of topics in areas like Project Management, Negotiations, and People Management.

Tending to a healthy lifestyle is also of the essence. The balance between their work and social life is of the essence, so your HR partner has to involve your team members in social activities, both local and across borders to ensure that it stays productive doing the tasks at hand and at the same time being connected culturally with the head office through a healthy social life.

Taking into account the active and productive computer-science life of the team you employ through your dedicated HR partner, such things like IT ping pong tournaments, soccer teams, and many more interesting sports activities should be available to better retention rates and overall satisfaction levels with the job.

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