The Provoco team always seeks for new ways, experiments with a lot of crazy ideas and challenges to create habits which would lead to being more productive.

Being more productive during the day means you can achieve many good things if you exploit your full potential. Our team offers you to try activities you have never tried before just to prove that it really works! Here are some small and simple tips which can change your life for good. The Provoco team has already tested it!

Walk or bike to work

This can totally change your mood for the rest…

Being “adventurous” can be defined completely differently by each person.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy to accomplish, but it is well worth it to make you deflect from your everyday life routine.

The Provoco team challenges you to start off with something small but new to you. If you don’t have time, money or bravery for big adventures — that is totally OK here! Try things you have never done before and don’t forget that as you are walking out of your comfort zone, you are also expanding it!

Meet up with someone new. There is…

A user can choose to go solo, invite his/her friends, or join a group of challengers.

With PROVOCO, anyone has plenty of options to get involved and have fun, while calmly knowing that because it is part of the VOCO ecosystem and its tokenomy mechanism logic behind it, one passively does something good for the society automatically.

“PROVOCO ecosystem lets you have fun while it’s taking care of serious world problems automatically”.

With PROVOCO, a user will be able to create infi­nite types of challenges. Just a few of them:

-Brand awareness campaigns funded by businesses

-Sports competitions for new…

Creating challenges with Provoco will let a user incentivize and reward people who actually do something that he/she initially intended to achieve; assign the reward pool to multiple benefi­ciaries of their choice, including charities.

We believe that the untapped resource to inspire participation in any community or market economy is an ability to create, participate and forward the challenges with an actual value attached to it.

Not to mention reputable and transparent accounting system that fairly reflects the contribution of every player in the ecosystem, with the gamifi­cation and automatic reward system:

User-friendly challenge & multimedia application for mobile and…

Provoco has chosen a practical implementation path of decentralization: we are building a hybrid platform to start with, combining blockchain permissionless open ledger security and transparency benefi­ts together with the efficiency of a cloud-based front and back-end systems.

Hybrid platform ensures, that users can actually use the service easily and right away.

Let’s discuss blockchain benefits which will be advantageous for every Provoco App user.

Immutable social profi­le history, written on the blockchain. As long as you are able to associate yourself with this profi­le, it’s history is yours. Any ownership changes will be traceable too.

We will use the…

There is no better day to please friends and people around us than Valentine’s day.

The Provoco team is inviting you to be conscious and use this day for good purposes.

Remember to do great things without waiting for anything back. This may be done by accomplishing some simple but heartwarming challenges:

Tell 3 friends what you love about them;

Do something loving for the people nearest to you;

Leave a “thank you” note;

Apologize to someone you made sad;

Give a nice compliment to your colleague;

…or just give a big smile for a stranger :)

It is so simple to do good using challenges. So remember to challenge others and yourself every day.

The Provoco team is sending you love and good emotions. Happy Valentine’s day to all of you!

Provoco sees challenges not only as fun and adventure but as well as changing yourself and creating a “Better You” version. Let’s explore the benefits of challenging yourself and answer the question to ourselves: Why do I need to challenge myself?

It motivates you

“I dare you to do it!”. When you hear this, you can almost feel your blood boiling. The best motivation to do something comes from the feeling you truly can prove yourself! When it’s your bravery on the line, how can you not get motivated?

It helps you identify your personal goals

Every challenge needs a…

Continuing ideas for challenge creation!

As Provoco App enables challenge creation for a group of people, let’s have a look at some fun challenges to consider!

Topic of the day: Challenges to do with friends

“How Good Is Your Memory?” Challenge

There are many variations for this challenge. It’s up to your imagination what rules you want to set: it can be objects or numbers to remember. The main point is — the winner will be the one who will remember the most of the information.

Bubblegum Blowing Challenge

This one is super simple but still very exciting!


The challenge is on and there is no turning back!

Who will be the winner and who will be the loser?

Here in the Provoco App you can prove how good you are and even beat your own or someone else’s record.

Topic of the day: Food Challenges

Food tasting Challenges

Mystery Food Challenge: The winner is who will have the courage to taste the mix of strange food that does not match, for example, strawberries, potatoes, and tuna. If they choose to eat it and throw up, they lose the challenge.

Baby Food Challenge: For example…

“I bet you can’t!”. We have all heard this statement and even said it by ourselves.

Now that the challenge is on, there is no turning back! Who will win and who will lose?

Challenges are fun, unforeseeable and bring a superb way to beat boredom. Here you can prove how good you are and even beat your own or someone else’s record.

The topic of the day: Physical Challenges

Jumping Rope Challenges

All you need here is a simple jump rope for several challenges. Just pick one:

Find out who can jump the longest for a specific period of time;

Challenge who…


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