Challenge accepted! Fun ideas for challenge creation in the Provoco App Vol. 3

Feb 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Continuing ideas for challenge creation!

As Provoco App enables challenge creation for a group of people, let’s have a look at some fun challenges to consider!

Topic of the day: Challenges to do with friends

“How Good Is Your Memory?” Challenge

There are many variations for this challenge. It’s up to your imagination what rules you want to set: it can be objects or numbers to remember. The main point is — the winner will be the one who will remember the most of the information.

Bubblegum Blowing Challenge

This one is super simple but still very exciting! The challenge only requires a bunch of bubble gum.

You must set the rules to make sure each person participating in the challenge has the same number of pieces. The winner is who can blow the biggest bubble.

Build a Card House Challenge

Each participant will need a deck of cards.

The winner is the one who builds the biggest or the best card house (you can use the Voting function for selecting the winner). The time must be limited for this accomplishment. If a house falls down, you lose this challenge.

Egg Dropping Challenge

We believe you will like this one as it is totally classic! Prepare to get a bit dirty! Each participant must use a raw egg and build a structure to hold their egg to keep it from breaking (use paper, bubble wrap, straws, string, etc.).

The challenge starts when the egg is dropped. You can come up with the craziest ideas of places to drop the egg! The egg that survives the longest wins this challenge.


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