Create, participate and forward the challenges with an actual value attached to it!

Feb 21, 2019 · 1 min read

Creating challenges with Provoco will let a user incentivize and reward people who actually do something that he/she initially intended to achieve; assign the reward pool to multiple benefi­ciaries of their choice, including charities.

We believe that the untapped resource to inspire participation in any community or market economy is an ability to create, participate and forward the challenges with an actual value attached to it.

Not to mention reputable and transparent accounting system that fairly reflects the contribution of every player in the ecosystem, with the gamifi­cation and automatic reward system:

User-friendly challenge & multimedia application for mobile and web;

Reward-driven tokenomy to benefi­t from your content;

The wisdom of crowd public voting system;

Person-to-Person (P2P) instant token transfer;

Transparent and immutable escrow service for all the challenge contracts between users, powered by Ethereum network;

Smart Contract aggregator to interact with the Blockchain;

In-App Ethereum wallet for multiple token management;

Future-proof platform development and improvement roadmap;

Customer support and identifi­cation services;

Use of Ethereum Blockchain will help to manage legal risks associated with potential improper token payments and operating costs.


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