Discover fun ideas for challenge creation in the Provoco App Vol. 2

Jan 31, 2019 · 2 min read


The challenge is on and there is no turning back!

Who will be the winner and who will be the loser?

Here in the Provoco App you can prove how good you are and even beat your own or someone else’s record.

Topic of the day: Food Challenges

Food tasting Challenges

Mystery Food Challenge: The winner is who will have the courage to taste the mix of strange food that does not match, for example, strawberries, potatoes, and tuna. If they choose to eat it and throw up, they lose the challenge.

Baby Food Challenge: For example, the challenge can suggest tasting a particular number of different jars of baby food. You must try all of them without frowning.

Chubby Bunny Challenge

The main idea is not to see how many marshmallows one can cram in their mouth, but to be able to say “Chubby Bunny” with as many marshmallows in their mouth as possible. If a participants drop out a marshmallow from their mouth or cannot say the words in an understandable way, they lose the challenge.

Smoothie Drinking Challenge

Everyone loves smoothies. But what if it has some strange and even disliked ingredients such as pickles, hot peppers, mustard and bacon? Create the craziest recipe and challenge others to try it!

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