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Jan 28, 2019 · 2 min read

“I bet you can’t!”. We have all heard this statement and even said it by ourselves.

Now that the challenge is on, there is no turning back! Who will win and who will lose?

Challenges are fun, unforeseeable and bring a superb way to beat boredom. Here you can prove how good you are and even beat your own or someone else’s record.

The topic of the day: Physical Challenges

Jumping Rope Challenges

All you need here is a simple jump rope for several challenges. Just pick one:

Find out who can jump the longest for a specific period of time;

Challenge who can jump the fastest — the most jumps in a certain amount of time;

Count the number of jumps to see who can make the most.

Hula Hoop Challenge

Similar to the jumping rope challenge, the goal is to keep the hoop going the longest without stopping. We suggest trying adding some music. Some tunes really might help to win! :)

Ball-in-the-Air Challenge

For this challenge, you will need to be blindfolded. The goal is to keep the ball in the air for the longest amount of time, not letting it touch the ground.

Ice Challenges

You can cool off with one of these challenges on a warm summer day.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Choose a hot summer day for this icy challenge. Fill a bucket with ice and water. If you are challenging a group of people, anyone who ducks away from the bucket of water or refuses to be part of this challenge loses.

Icy Pool Challenge: Fill a kid’s inflatable pool with ice and water. The winner is who was the quickest to submerge to shoulder height in the icy water. Or you can count the time and see who can stay in the pool the longest!



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