Get involved in extraordinary challenges and have fun!

Feb 26, 2019 · 1 min read

A user can choose to go solo, invite his/her friends, or join a group of challengers.

With PROVOCO, anyone has plenty of options to get involved and have fun, while calmly knowing that because it is part of the VOCO ecosystem and its tokenomy mechanism logic behind it, one passively does something good for the society automatically.

“PROVOCO ecosystem lets you have fun while it’s taking care of serious world problems automatically”.

With PROVOCO, a user will be able to create infi­nite types of challenges. Just a few of them:

-Brand awareness campaigns funded by businesses

-Sports competitions for new world records

-Progress challenges for engineering, science, street art

-Crowdfunding for natural disaster relief, charity

-Creative challenges for good emotions

-Health challenges to stop smoking or reduce some weight

-Social challenges to incentivize animal adoption, help for elders

-World singing, dancing, performance competitions

-Extreme challenges for exotic journeys

All the challenge outcomes will be verified by the public and record keeping will be kept using the Blockchain technology for undaunted trust and transparency, so services like Guinness World Records might become obsolete in the future.

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