PROVOCO’s VOCO arrives on Coin Market Cap with a Bang!

Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read
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Dear Community — we are thrilled to announce that Provoco’s indigenous cryptocurrency the VOCO has been approved for listing on Coin Market Cap.

You can find us under the ticker VOCO:

Moreover, we are humbled yet proud to note that VOCO Token is already in the TOP 10 gainers from ALL Cryptocurrencies on Coin Market Cap!

We are delighted for our early ICO contributors to get such a fantastic result in terms of price and world class liquidity and thankful for the all the hundreds of new Provoco users and traders who are supporting us on the exchanges!

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Building the world’s first Blockchain based social challenge network

Together, we are building the world’s first Blockchain based social challenge network. Provoco’s mission is to disintermediate incumbents like Facebook, Instagram and SNAP (that monetize YOUR user data by selling it to advertisers) and give the power AND the potential to EARN from your social activity on the platform by organizing, participating, viewing and judging challenges.

Stay tuned for more technology developments as we continue to disrupt the Social Media industry.

Provoco available to trade on HitBTC in USDT, BTC and ETH

As always you support the Blockchain Social Media Revolution by purchasing VOCO tokens on global top 10 exchanges HitBTC: (search for ticker VOCO) where we have USDT, BTC and ETH pairs.

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