The VOCO Fund: supporting a new generation of successful startups!

Are you aware of Provoco’s initiatives for a better world? One of them is the VOCO Fund!

To support the development of new projects, the VOCO Fund will manage the VOCO ecosystem of new partners and the promotion of its VOCO Grant Program.

To get a VOCO grant, each partner will need to develop a sustainable user ecosystem and add rewards to the participants in their own application or platform, while adopting same VOCO token re-circulation model as PROVOCO project.

This will support the growth of the VOCO network and also encourage users to buy, use and value VOCO tokens.

In addition, the VOCO Fund will continuously create grant pools to help new startups to join VOCO ecosystem and contribute back to the fund so that more future projects can receive grant funds, creating a virtuous circle.

Newborn platforms and applications, which enter the VOCO ecosystem shall be able to quickly integrate with the already established user base, which will accelerate new project user growth drastically.

Stay tuned for more developments and sneak peeks from our VOCO development lab!