TOP 6 ideas on how to use PROVOCO

The most amazing fact about Provoco is that it provides the opportunity for a variety of provisional use cases for individuals. So let’s take a little deeper look at how challenges can be managed:

1) Create the challenge and enjoy the results after it’s accomplished by that crazy daredevil: the content you paid for will earn you VOCO tokens from the PROVOCO daily rewards pool.

2) Take the challenge you like the most, get rewarded instantly for completing the challenge or if you failed miserably — enjoy earnings from daily rewards pool for Likes, Shares and Views of your attempt video.

3) Global cause? Create a charity fundraiser event and kick it off by doing it yourself first! Pass to a friend or challenge the public!

4) A friend needs VOCO tokens to participate? Send them instantly and free of charge to anybody anywhere on this planet.

5) Not a challenge taker? Earn VOCO tokens via community voting requests for challenge judgment and content filtering. Participate and create challenges to earn even more!

6) Science project to save humanity? Natural disaster relief initiative? Fantastic! Public crowdfunding is definitely where PROVOCO can help!

Stay tuned for more updates from VOCO development lab!