Why Blockchain matters?

Feb 19, 2019 · 2 min read

Provoco has chosen a practical implementation path of decentralization: we are building a hybrid platform to start with, combining blockchain permissionless open ledger security and transparency benefi­ts together with the efficiency of a cloud-based front and back-end systems.

Hybrid platform ensures, that users can actually use the service easily and right away.

Let’s discuss blockchain benefits which will be advantageous for every Provoco App user.

Immutable social profi­le history, written on the blockchain. As long as you are able to associate yourself with this profi­le, it’s history is yours. Any ownership changes will be traceable too.

We will use the blockchain as a security protocol. All the vital and most critical moments, happening on the app will be written to the blockchain to register data or execute the code (Smart Contracts), and its state will be visible to anybody since the Ethereum is public and permissionless.

Human-less escrow service via Smart Contracts for funds to move on pre-agreed conditions — it’s executed by blockchain.

Any member activity will be selected for screening via AI (Artificial Intelligence) mechanism and passed to public review (via voting) if needed, therefore paying the AI for its service with the VOCO tokens. This will allow for AI Agents to easily join via API and create various challenges for humans for AI training purposes and pay the rewards directly to participants in tokens via Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain will be used for value transfer for in-app activity, which you can cash-out. Any participant will be rewarded for great content (Likes, Followers, Views, etc) via in-app tokenomy mechanism.

Our VOCO tokenomy mechanism is designed to constantly take out the tokens from the circulation and come back to the market only with new VOCO projects.

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