Correct- I was about to write something similar, but you have made me redundant. Good work!
Ash Sharp

They have two glaring problems as I see it. The first is that their arrogance seems to either disregard or blind them to consequences. Their madcap hi-jinx as a rule never include possible results beyond the immediate whether well meaning or diabolically insidious more often than not leaving them scrambling. The other, to be fair, is maybe not so glaring as the Republican Old Guard don’t seem to get it either. The paradigm has changed. It’s not Republicans against Democrats any longer, mostly because of the similarity of agendas. Any real difference has been a ruse for the last 50 years. Corporate globalists are firmly entrenched in both parties (The Swamp) and now they’re facing nationalism, populism, and traditionalism. THAT is the new paradigm and as evidenced by recent elections and referendum, it’s world-wide. As I’ve said before, Liberalism/Leftism/Globalism, are dead. Not dying, dead.

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