Start up lesson 2 — Why running is important for entrepreneurs

I have been running since I was 10 years. It is best sport which I have enjoyed since my childhood, thanks to my father who himself was state hockey player and good athlete. Currently, I run approximately 20 km per week, despite having a busy schedule at work. For me, I started athletic as physical training but I surprisingly find it important to every business person especially start up. Few of the things I have gained are:

  1. Staying calm and focus — Running first mile is easy and simple. But what followed next is most important. It is important to conserve energy to move on to next mile after mile
  2. Persistence- Running teaches us lesson of persistence where we need to hang on despite challenges like fatigue, bad track, weather. Likewise in business we find similar challenges like partner leaving us, cash crunch, driving sales. It is important to hang on and do your best. Remember it is not end until you quit.
  3. Removing bad energy — Running is best psychological exercise, apart from being best physical exercise. You channel your bad energy and drain it away with your sweat. This freshness is important needed for every start up person who have high probability if having stress issues than other person.
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