Dear JavaScript,
Jamie Kyle

“You can’t control the circumstances, you can only control your reaction to the circumstances.”

Rejection and criticism are some of the hardest things we can have to deal with on this planet. Acceptance and support from our peers is one of our strongest fundamental desires. Sadly, as they say, “when you raise your head above the crowd, you are going to get hit with a few tomatoes.”

It’s taken me 57 years on this planet to get a half-way decent handle on this issue, and I still lose out to it at times. But I worry much less about what certain others think of me or my opinion these days. There are going to be two types of responses when you put yourself and your work out there for the world to see. The first will be the respectful ones. They will either support you, or give you honest practical criticism that you can use to improve. The others are those who, as we use to say back in the day, “flame you” (do they still say that?). It says more about them, then it does about you. I just blow right past these ones or, at best, try to extract the intellectual from the emotional in the opinion to see if there is anything of actual value.

You know inside that you work hard, have good intent, and are a contributor. Believe in yourself, and not the opinion of those with weak minds who try to lift themselves by bashing others. Because one thing is certain. You can write all the articles recommending that people be nicer to other people, but it has been this way forever and will be this way forever. It is up to us to adapt and grow. Expecting the human nature to change is futile.

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