Completing the circle with Abhay Pruthi

Like I mentioned in my first blog, Abhay — My twin brother came up with this austere idea. It left me wondering why didn’t anyone else think of this before.

When Abhay and I lost all hopes from Lost Beat(a platform for amateur artists) , Abhay decided to begin his career with a start-up where he was selected for a 3-month internship.

Passionate, aggressive, emotional, initiator- these are some of the attributes that define him. But above all these, he is a visionary. And this quality of his encouraged Sampad Swain to offer Abhay a full-time job. He was one of the early employees at Instamojo and had joined as business development manager there. Working there for a year, setting up outbound channels, sales processes and growing the business to 250X was what Abhay along with the amazing team at Instamojo did, after which he decided to join us.

Abhay brought in the expertise of a senior role inside the company as he already had a prior experience working with a start-up. He keeps the things moving at a moderate pace inside our company. He majorly handles the product growth at Reach. His never-ending thirst for trying new things helps us implement things better and at a faster rate inside our company.

Living the dream..

Coming with a prior experience in growth, he now wanted to try his hands on the product. This is one thing that your start-up gives you — Freedom, to work on what you like. As the company grew , we started realising that we needed to have a more lean method to plan our product development. He took an initiative to introduce a scrum model that worked perfectly inside our company between the developers, designers and growth hackers. Every Tuesday, we have a half an hour scrum meeting where we just discuss our deliverables for the coming Friday. Till date, all our scrums have been successfully implemented and our app production pace has increased 10X.

He is a true fighter and I know he would fight along with us till we make this a success.

We wish to modify the way people share files with each other and create a more accessible world where sharing becomes extremely simple in a trusted social network.

Give it a try :) Here

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