Ezinne Ukoha
Charles Harry Mackenzie

I might be a little naive about the context of this article, and felt some unrestrained embitterness in Ezinne’s words while reading her write up, but i agree with her sentiments and will like to support whatever biase she might have threaded, actually this is her analysis of what transpired in an interview not even a news event, so you can say she doesn’t need to be a journo to express her opinion which i think she just did and many people resonate with this.

So for Serena, being the best player in the world is not the matter of discussion, but the fact that this Mc(whatever) didnt even give her the opportunity (even though based on so called merit) to rise or reach a level of accomplishment that i think he himself couldn’t reach is what we should look at.

Let’s look at the metric for judging a player; can you say a male is the ‘world best player’ in this context? If you can, then why can’t it be a female? This is not football or Basketball where its team play, here its a single opponent game, same rules applies. This is not weight lifting or boxing or wrestling. Wait even if its wrestling, its like Tennis, the metric is based on competitions they entered and won, not based on strengths, or color or chest or whatever you think can limit Serena from being ‘World Best Tennis Player’.

Lastly i have my rights to infer anything to whatever anyone says, so am inferring what Mc(whatever) said was limiting Serena based on color (inferred) and the fact that she is a woman (and this was very explicit)

  • I got a bit angry at the middle,i dont know why, don’t mind me.
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