Open letter to our VC

School has been shut down for the past two weeks now, (due to reasons that cannot be discussed at length here) and I’ve been home all through, enjoying the moments with my children while it last. Knowing fully well that there might be no such luxury after school reopens until the semester break of course.

The downside however is, I didn’t come home with any book to read. I’d thought I was only going home for the weekend like I used to, just that I’d left earlier than usual as I left on Thursday instead of Friday. And like I mentioned in one of the earliest episodes, that I don’t take school work home, for the time to be spent at home is dedicated to my family, especially my children. However, I was shocked after getting information that the school had been shut down by the management. Now, I’m stranded at home with mixed feelings of happiness for having my babies around me, and anxiety because I haven’t been able to do any serious academic work for the past two weeks, except for looking through some software materials we use for studying.

I have no idea when the school would be reopened or how long left for me to spend at home, but I know I have to do something. So I decided to write an open letter to the school’s Vice Chancellor.

Dear V. C sir,

I’ve read posts upon posts, broadcast messages, news stories, rumours and several other write ups online about the school’s current crises and about you. Most of which indicted you and the management. I’m not writing this to do the same, neither am I doing this to vindicate you.

However, I’m writing this letter to beseech you, to placate you and most importantly, to request that you indulge me in a little mind game called “IMAGINE”

The school has been shut down by your orders since the past 13 days and… With utmost respect sir, let us imagine that, the cab/shuttle drivers are men taken away from the streets where they beg, steal, or harm people in order to feed themselves and families, what is happening to them now or what are they doing now?

Let us imagine that, those any work/wash women, who rely on students’ errands to feed and fend their families are people close to you and would come crying at your doorstep for every naira needed, I bet your front yard would be filled up by now.
Let us imagine that the traders selling goods and commodities to students have no other means of survival apart from their daily income from the students’ purchase, I’m sure they’ll be bankrupt by now.

Please sir, imagine the students’ fate is to be decide by just this issue, what then is our future?
Now, we can keep imagining, but the reality remains the same, the fate of thousands lie in your hands sir!

In conclusion, I don’t want to imagine that you have your arms akimbo behind closed doors, I believe you’re doing your all to ensure activities return back to normal in school, but I pray thee to please, ensure swift decision is made and if there are people to be brought to face justice, let them face it, the crime of a few should not decide the fate of thousands.
I mean no disrespect sir, and my pen would testify to this by taking a humble bow now.

Yours humbly,

Glad I got that off my chest. Now, this is a break I pray comes to an end as soon as possible, because I need to read. We’re supposed to be writing exams already, but for the protest that led to the management’s decision to shut the school down.
I want to imagine the V.C. Reading this and what his reaction would be. *smiles

Watch the space for the next episode…

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