“GTFO of my Bed”Goal

Have one foot at the very end side of the bed

That will make me feel cold. Which makes me go to the bathroom because coldness makes me use the toilet.

Then, I’d take dump. Which leads to me showering because I always like feeling and being clean.

During my showering, I’d play music to hype me up. Missy Elliot or Hollywood Undead playing from Pandora app.

My body and hair is not that dry or helluh damp, so it would be a good idea to put on that lotion given to me by my little sister and my moisturizer that was recommended by a dermatologist last year or two.

I’m still in the bathroom so I’d most likely brush my teeth, gargle non-alcoholic mouth wash, and then apply a little bit of moisturizer to my face again.

I’d be bugginf out if I left the inside of my ears wet the whole day or few minutes, so I’ll be using cotton swab to clean my ears.

Since I won’t be having clothes in the bathroom because I literally went there to piss, I’d put on my gel deodorant and then wear a towel for my body after it was wrapped around my long hair.

Knowing that after my shower, I’ll feel cold, but too hot if I wear long sleeved clothes or a few layers. The temperature would fuck me over a shit ton since I did faint in Philippines and San Francisco because it’s too hot, too cold, or it vice versa the weather or temperature a bit.

That would mean, I’d be wearing my tank top, shorts over my undergarments, socks, and a towel dry my damp hair. No bra and long sleeves.

I’m still in my bedroom so I’ll put on my lip balm and let it set in. So that means I won’t be talking, laughing, eating, or drinking. Nothing.

While I’m waiting for my lip balm to set in, so it doesn’t dry off helluh quick at most, I’ll be making oatmeal with fruits such as dates and bananas. And to sweeten it without sugar, I’ll pour honey over it while it’s still in the stove.

I know I’ll be bored as hell so I’m going to watch JKNews and the company’s other channels until I’m done eating my oatmeal and drinking water to cool off my tongue because of the oatmeal heat.

Next, I get sick when I don’t brush my teeth and also I feel helluh unwell if I don’t gargle mouth wash. But before that, my dishes will be washed, not be put in the dish washer.

After brushing my teeth and gurgling, I agajn put a bit of moisturizer on to my face and lip balm on my lips, because I hate it when my lips are chapped and when my face feel irritably dry.

As for doing this much and not saying it’s a work, school, special occasion, or chore days, I’ll be watching JKNews for 15 minutes so I can let my lips set, my hair dry, and be relaxed.

Although my hair hasn’t dried completely and my lips are set in okay, I’ll be making tea without sugar and just honey. And more minutes until my tea has been drank, II’ll let myself relax for 15 more minutes of JKNews.

  • Chores : Laundry, bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom
  • Energize : Workout, exercise
  • Work : Read booklet, read handouts, read other important papers, paycheck, know off days, know unavailable days
  • Self : Read Medium and Elite articles, eat lunch, drink water, eat snacks, nap, easy dinner, night routine same as morning routine, etc.
  • Communicate : Friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, Tumblr users, own self
  • Recreation : Blog in Tumblr, Medium, and Stellar, favorite in ACG, heart instagram posts, like and share in Facebook, listen to Pandora radios, etc.
  • School : List all interests in general, say why you’re interested in these subjects, list what you see you can do for each, research all subjects and read, learn about all of the interests, and see where you can work and apply your skills from what you listed, write good, bad, and neutral about what you think of interests why again but in different response after having learned about interests, etc.
This is not the end of my planning to have this goal as my habit and organizing my thoughts and behaviors