How can I send a mail from Gmail Draft box?

Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Deleted Items or Trash, Junk, and Drafts are the folders where you can stuff your Gmail messages. It is actually applicable for all email clients. Coming to the title topic, we would like to discuss few things about the draft messages. Well, a draft message is nothing but an email message. It is the email message you haven’t sent yet. An email message saves in the [Draft] folder if you close the window instead of clicking the [Send] button. Once saved, you can deal with it in three different ways. Here Gmail Customer Service Number gives you the list of options.

1. Do nothing

2. Open the message and send it

3. Delete the message

Sending a draft message involves some simple steps. Double-click on the Drafts folder to open a Gmail message that is already saved in this folder. Find the targeted message and click on it. It will open and allow you to review or edit. Now you can make unlimited numbers of changes in this draft mail. After it is composed properly, you need to click the [Send] button. This is how to retrieve a discarded draft on Gmail.

The same process is applicable to you if you want to delete any of your draft messages. Here you need to drag the message to the Deleted Items or Trash mailbox. Remember, you will not find the Drafts folder until you create a draft email to put in it. If you choose to follow the first option, you don’t need to learn any technicalities. It is simple and easy-to-follow. To know the answer to your question, how to send a forwarded draft email, you need to get in touch with the Gmail experts. You can find these experts on the helpdesk number which is globally accessible.

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