I was raped and I am fine with it

Picture Credits: Austin Ban

I don’t see what all the fuss is about. People seem to talk about rape as some unnatural thing that is occurring. I am sure people have been sexually abused since the dawn of humans. I was physically taken advantage of as a child. I remember the two incidents clearly, there is no question if those incidents were rape or not but I am not here to talk about me or what happened to me. I am here to talk about the hypocrisy that people show when they talk about rapists, not knowing that we are all to blame.

I know it is not my fault that I was fucked by someone I trusted. I know it is not my fault that I trusted them either. But I want to go further, neither was it the fault of the human who committed that crime of fucking me. He did it to satisfy himself, to seek pleasure, isn’t that what our society teaches us to do? Our society teaches us that its ok to satisfy your desires even at the cost of someone’s pain. Pleasure is the ultimate goal of human life, where is the fault of the boy who raped me? He is only doing what society is teaching him to do. I see no fault of his. If there is any fault then its in all of us.

It is no secret that our present society was built by man for man. Our society is so structured that a man’s lust is catered to first then other things are looked after. How else do you explain the suppression of women and their absence in almost all the important professions? Man in his physical strength made Power the definitive capital in the world and ruled earth with it.

But no more must this go on. The evil that is our inheritance should be put down, no more shall we carry the burden of false traditions and manufactured beliefs. It is our responsibility to Question Everything that we don’t understand, and get to the bottom of every existing system. How have we ended up building a world where half of it suffers and half of it enjoys? Shouldn’t we all suffer and enjoy together as one?

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